Best STEM and Tech Gifts For Kids and Teens

Looking for the perfect tech gift for the kids this year? We have checked out the best of the best and put together our guide to the Best Tech Gift Guide for Kids! We love STEM and Tech and can’t wait to share our favourites!

The Best STEM and Tech Gifts

Best Tech Gifts for Teens and Kids

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Picking the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the perfect tech gift.

The technology changes so fast, it can be hard to keep up with what products are the best.

They are expensive and I am sure every parent has experienced spending money on what they thought was the perfect gift, only to have it collect dust.

We want the best gadget that inspires curiosity and creativity, plus problem solving and future skills they will need throughout their lives.

Today I am going to share our picks for the best STEM and tech gifts. These are all products we own, use and love with something for kids of all ages!

Oculus Quest

This year the hot item everyone is talking about is the new Quest 2. We own two of the original Quest systems which we bought about 3 years ago. We also bought the Quest 2 as soon as it came out.

The Quest is not just another fancy way to play video games. It is also a way to get some exercise, socialize and learn. When it comes to tech toys, this is one of the best things we have ever invested in.

Our Quest systems have become invaluable and even after all of this time get daily use. Our other gaming consoles collect dust, while the Quest is often being used 3 or 4 times a day. Not only is it a welcome distraction, but my kids can play virtually with their friends and some of the games really give the kids a work out so they can burn some energy. You should see my youngest play Beat Saber! He is ranked in the top 500 in the world right now. It is crazy to see him go! And it makes a great gift for older kids and even adults.

To learn more about our experiences with the Quest and our tips, check out our resource here.

VR for Kids and Educational Games

Creation Crate Subscription Box

If you have a teen or kid who is into electrical engineering, circuitry and programming, Creation Crate is a brilliant subscription box program that will have your kids building all sorts of really cool gadgets. The best part is that it is curriculum based, so each box builds on the knowledge of the previous boxes so your kids will never get bored. Especially with new challenges arriving every month. When it comes to STEM, Creation Crate is an incredible program for learning technology and engineering. They have boxes for a variety of ages, but their Electrical Engineering kits in particular are brilliant for teens interested in technology.

Learn more about Creation Crate or check out some of the cool gadgets we have built:

MEL Science Subscription Box

MEL Science is more focused on the sciences in STEM, but, when you sign up you get a starter kit that includes a VR headset that works with a phone. Kids use the VR with the MEL app to learn concepts and lessons from the boxes. Then each month you get a box that has supplies to do lab experiments that are perfect for aspiring STEMists and Scientists. This is one gift that will keep giving all year long and is perfect for homeschooling families. MEL Science is for your tweens and teens, but they also have a program for younger kids called MEL Kids.

Learn more about MEL Science or check out some of the activities we have done:

Artie 3000

I love that this coding robot is also an art bot! Do you remember the incredibly popular Spirograph toys from years and year ago? This is a modern tech version! Combining art into our coding work is a fantastic way to inspire some kids to learn coding. Artie 3000 is a fun and cute bot for those that love art and want to learn coding while using their creativity. This bot is also suitable for kids as young as 7.

Sphero Mini

OK, I will be totally honest, we are big Sphero fans and own so many Sphero products. One of our favourite tech gifts from Sphero, that is also budget friendly, (and fits in a stocking), is the Sphero Mini. This is a great little toy for learning some tech skills while having fun playing games. Plus it is portable, so you can take it on your travels about and all you need is a phone or tablet to start playing anywhere. The Sphero Mini has a gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights. It also comes with a little accessory kit with 15 projects for kids plus some simple coding. A brilliant gift for your tech loving kids.


The Osmo system is absolutely brilliant! It is educational entertainment and games that kids love. Need a little extra math practice, Osmo has lots of great products to help! Want to learn coding and love music? Coding Jam is perfect for you! They are constantly coming out with new and exciting kits so you can find the perfect one for your child from 4 to 10 years old. You do need an IPad or Fire Tablet to work with the system. At this time they are not compatible with Android.

Nintendo Switch and LABO

It has been a few years since we purchased our Nintendo Switch and started using the LABO kits. But the longevity of these kits is incredible. Just this week my son asked to build more LABO with this Switch. If you are new to this concept, the Switch is a gaming system from Nintendo that is small enough to be held in the hand or you can connect it to your TV. LABO is a STEM engineering kit that has kids building pieces that interact and come to life thanks to the Switch. It takes interactive games to a whole new level! It could be a fishing rod that they actually crank and use as part of a fishing game, a steering wheel they drive in their racing games, or any number of other neat builds. Highly recommended!


Marble mazes have been around for ever, but never have they been like they are today with the incredible Gravitrax system. It combines engineering and physics to challenge kids to create unique and exciting marble runs like no other! When it comes to STEM kits, this one is always top of our recommendation list for kids that love to build and race!

Snap Circuits

If you have a kid that loves to play with circuits, build cool machines, and create with tech, Snap Circuits are perfect! We have had so many kits over the years, from small sets to massive educational sets with hundreds of projects. Kids never get bored creating and building with Snap Circuits. They are also fantastic for homeschoolers and as part of a tinker centre for some screen free creating and making. Everyone LOVES Snap Circuits, they may be one of the best tech toys around!

3D Printer

This is something we don’t have, but has been on my Tech Wish List for years! A 3D printer! The technology with these printers has come a long way and with that the prices have come down. It is my hope that one day I will find one of these under the tree. Just imagine all the incredible learning activities we could do with a 3D printer?!

Digital Camera

This is one tech gift I HIGHLY recommend. No matter the age of your child, there is a camera suitable for their age and everyone enjoys being a photographer. From preschool to adult, a camera opens a world of possibilities! Our society is filled with images now and learning how to take quality pictures is an incredible skill that will have value throughout their lives, no matter their career path. We use our camera and video cameras daily around here, and my kids are passionate about learning how to edit and create art with their cameras. For editing software we use the professional Adobe products (Lightroom and Photoshop, and Premiere for video), but there are lots of budget friendly options too. Kids can also create photobooks, stop motion and so much more.

Photography is also a fantastic project idea for summer camps and holidays.

Tech gifts are an incredible gifting idea and a great way to encourage kids to chase their passions. They provide endless opportunities for learning, discovery and exploration!

Best Tech Gifts for Teens and Kids

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