20 Best Science Experiments At Home

Whether you are homeschooling or just stuck at home looking for something educational and fun to do with the kids, science experiments are a fantastic choice! Not only do kids love doing these science experiments, but they are learning valuable scientific methods, vocabulary and processes that can help them throughout their lives.

Science Experiments To Do At Home

Doing Science At Home

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Lately this has become a very common theme.

Kids are bored. They really want something to do. Something interesting, exciting and fun!

Parents are trying to find ways to entertain and educate their children.

Homeschooling has become incredibly popular, but parents are struggling to find cool science experiments to do at home. Something that is suitable without breaking the bank when it comes to supplies, won’t destroy their home, and that will actually teach their kids about chemistry, biology and physics.

So with that in mind, here are the top 20 Science Experiments to do at home as chosen by not only me, but the readers here at STEAM Powered Family!

The Best At Home Science Experiments

In selecting which experiments ranked as the absolute BEST science experiments to do with your kids at home we had a few different criteria.

  1. They needed to be popular! These experiments are tried and true, and have loyal following of readers that LOVE doing them. Once you try them, you will know why STEAM Powered Family readers voted these as their favourite science experiments!
  2. Supplies must be relatively easy to source. In most cases you will likely have all the materials you need at home right now. Where you need to order or purchase a few supplies, they are readily accessible and links to purchase are included.
  3. They must be easy to do, with logical, easy follow directions. We are all overwhelmed. No one wants an experiment that is complex and confusing.
  4. The experiments need to be adaptable to wide variety of ages, grades, abilities and interests.
  5. The lessons need to be interesting! In all of our science experiments and STEM activities, we include a scientific explanation that either your children can read themselves, or you can read and use to help explain the experiment.
  6. They need to be FUN!

With that in mind, here are our top 20 picks for the BEST science experiments to do at home with your kids!

Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments

There are so many cool experiments you can do with these pantry staples. Yes, you can do a standard volcano, but you can also hatch dino eggs, create fireworks, set off explosive bottle rockets and more! You can keep your kids busy experimenting for a ages with all of our baking soda and vinegar ideas. Get your hands on some bulk vinegar and baking soda and get experimenting!

Baking soda and vinegar experiments


Oobleck is like slime, but much more fascinating and sciencey! Oobleck is a non-Newtonian Fluid that becomes solid under pressure, and liquifies when pressure is removed. It is fascinating, and we have a number of different recipes, so you can find the one that uses whatever you have available in the house.

A year of Oobleck projects, recipes and activities for the classroom

Make a Compass

This science experiment is really cool and a wonderful tie into geography and social studies lessons. Kids learn how to make a compass with materials from around the house.

DIY compass

Make a Lava Lamp

With 5 different ways to make a Lava Lamp, it’s no wonder our readers rate this as one of their favourite activities! Kids are fascinated by the chemical reaction that causes the mesmerizing bubbles to bob up and down in a science driven lava lamp experiment.

Against a white background a mason jar has dark and light green liquids with bubbles in dark green going through the light green layer in a lava lamp style. Overlay text says How to Make a Lava Lamp

Grow Crystals

This is one of the most beautiful experiments we have done and always gets rave reviews from readers. Growing crystals is a wonderful science experiment that has fantastic ties to studies in geology. You can also grow edible crystals. Plus the results… STUNNING!

Crystal Growing Science Experiment
The secret to growing really big crystals
Gorgeous and delicious Candy Geode Kitchen Science

Rubber Egg

Ready for a fun, giggle-fest science experiment? In this science experiment we are removing the shell of a raw egg! The result is a bouncy, colourful egg. This science experiment is the perfect compliment to a study of biology and reproduction as you can also use this experiment to teach the parts of the cell and egg.

Square image showing naked eggs in a rainbow of colors

Lemon Battery

You could make a battery with lemons, squash, pumpkins, potatoes, there are lots of options! But the lemons are by far the most popular battery project. You will need some supplies, but once you have those supplies you can reuse them in lots of circuit building activities. Plus, once you are finished making your lemon battery, you can make lemon volcanoes!

Learn all about electricity, batteries, power and more by building a Lemon Battery in this science experiment

Wingardium Leviosar

Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter or not, this experiment with magnets is a hit with kids. It’s like magic as they make a feather levitate!

Wingardium Leviosa Science Experiment Make A Feather Levitate

Walking Rainbow

This classic experiment is a beautiful demonstration of primary and secondary colours, while also learning about the fascinating science behind capillary action. All you need to start your rainbow walking is cups/jars, water, food colouring and paper towels!

The Walking Rainbow science experiment should have been easy, but due to a mistake we discovered a fascinating capillary action and natural balance project.

Make Bioplastics

Making bioplastics is an experiment that is a HUGE hit with older kids as part of their studies in polymers and environmental sciences. We have made bioplastics with both milk and gelatin, so you can pick which one to tackle based on the supplies you have on hand. Wonderful for helping kids understand how we can make plastics, and the challenges of making plastics, without fossil fuels.

How to make hard, clear plastic science experiments for kids
Make plastic from milk. Create your own toys, beads, jewelry, and more, with ingredients you have right now in your kitchen. It's so easy and super cool!

Build a Heart Model

This engineering project is a fantastic way to do some studies into biology and how the heart functions. Using recycled bottles, straws, a bit of playdough and water, you can have your model pumping in no time!

This Heart STEM activity to build a functioning heart model uses all 4 STEM pillars - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Kids will spend some time learning about their own heart rates, then how blood flows through the body. For the exciting conclusion engineer and build a functioning model of a beating heart.

Skittles Experiment

A simple, yet timeless experiment. Kids of all ages love making these gorgeous images using nothing but candy, water and the magic of science. We also used this as a chance to explore van Gogh and fluid dynamics.

Skittles Experiment for the Science Fair inspired by Starry Night

Magic Milk

So easy, yet so amazing! Magic Milk is another classic experiment that is as simple or as complex as you want to make it. I did this with my middle school kids and we had a blast exploring how the fat content of our milk affected the explosion of colours!

magic milk in 33% cream with color fractal explosions

Slurpee Science

Heat transfer is a fascinating science to explore with your kids. If you want to make this a more serious scientific study, you can focus on the effects of salt on ice, but we like to up the fun, so we turned it into a slurpee making science project. Kids love that delicious treat made with science!

Sweet slurpee science is a fantastic activity for kids, with a tasty result they will love. This simple heat transfer experiment is perfect for all ages.

Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant Toothpaste classic experiment creating a fantastic foamy fountain that can be done safely at home using easy to source supplies and has massive wow factor for students.

Elephant Toothpaste

Make Water Rise

Another science experiment that is a little bit like magic! Kids will learn how to create a vacuum and make water magically rise into a container. So cool!

Why Does Water Rise? Best Science Experiments for Kids!

Balloon Races

Kids got ants in their pants? Need something that is educational and will help them burn energy? Balloon races are the answer! Kids will explore physics while having a blast running about and cheering on their balloon races!

Exciting, hands on physics activities that explore Newton's Laws of Motion. An inquiry based lesson plan to facilitate deeper learning and retention.
Get everyone moving with this Cupid's Arrow Balloon STEM Challenge. A fun twist on balloon races while learning Physics & Newton's Third Law of Motion.
Turkey Races Thanksgiving STEM Activities

Build a Water Clock or a Windmill

Both of these projects involve some engineering and of course science but they also have some fantastic book tie ins. I LOVE projects inspired by great books!

Water Clock STEM Activity
Windmill STEM Challenge

Build a Salt Circuit

Salt circuits are a great way to introduce kids to experiments with electricity and circuitry. The supplies are minimal, and it teaches kids excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills. Plus you can make it extra fun with a glow circuit option!

Glow Salt Circuit STEAM Activity

Build a Catapult

A favourite that captures the excitement of every generation, and was a MUST do in our top 20 science experiments is… building catapults! We work in a little extra physics and math by turning ours into games where we need to hit targets. A definite must do for all kids.

Catapults engineered from popsicle sticks

These are 20 of our BEST picks for science experiments to do at home with your kids. This list though is far from exhaustive. Once you find something that interests your kids, search our site and see what other fun experiments you uncover. We have hundreds of experiment ideas all just waiting to inspire your kids!

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Best at home science experiments

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