LEGO Math Place Value Printable

Place value is one of the most important, fundamental math skills a child needs to master. It is also the one that has caused the most confusion and frustration for my kids over the years. Fun ways to practice is the best way to establish a firm understanding of place value, and what better way to do that than with a free LEGO math printable?


LEGO Build Challenge Math Printable

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I love using LEGO as a math manipulative. Sure, I sometimes lose my kids as they start creating and building, but I figure that is a small price to pay for getting my kids off screens and learning in a hands one way.


I admit it. Every year I buy a new kit for Christmas and build it. I find it very calming and satisfying to create and build with LEGO.

So you can imagine how much LEGO we have kicking around! I have buckets of bricks!

So when it comes to math practice LEGO is a great tool to use as a manipulative.


With this set of printable worksheets, kids are learning about place value. Mastering and understanding place value is imperative for advanced calculations.

So what is Place Value? It is understanding the true value of a number based on it’s position.

For example, let’s look at this number:


In this example:

  • 5 is in the ONES position and equals 5
  • 6 is in the TENS position and equals 60
  • 7 is in the HUNDREDS position and equals 700
  • 8 is in the THOUSANDS position and equals 8000

It can be pretty straight forward, but once you start doing calulations, many kids forget and get those numbers mixed up. Forgetting that the 6 is not a 6 but a 60.

That’s why I love these new LEGO Place Value Building Sheets!


Using these printables is so easy and great for kids that struggle with handwriting. Since there is no writing required!

Simply grab your LEGO pieces and start building your numbers!

There are two ways you can do this.

Method #1 – Lots of Math Practice!

Each stud (or bump or circle… whatever name you prefer), counts as one. I love this method because it encouraged my kids to practice their skip counting and multiplication skills. Simply find bricks with enough studs to add up to the number you need for each column.

This approach also helps build confidence as children see they can make these numbers using lots of different combinations.

You can also challenge your kids to build shapes with their bricks as they build the numbers. They can mix and match their brick sizes as long as they ensure their studs equal the amount of their place value number.

Lego Place Value Math Printable

Method #2 – Simplified Version

This method will require lots of bricks of the same dimensions. Individual bricks count as 1 for the ONES column, then have your child build stacks of 10 bricks for the TENS column.

This method is much more straightforward and may suit some children much better, depending on where they are at with their math journey.

The printable includes a number of Brick Numbers for your child to build, plus a blank page of brick builds where you can set your own numbers. Including going into the hundreds if you wish!

Math Place Value Practice Sheet With LEGO

Have fun building with LEGO and mastering math place values!

Grab your FREE LEGO Place Value Building Challenge Printable here

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Happy Building and Learning!

Lego Build Place Value Math Challenge

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