The Best Hour of Code Resources

Are you ready for Hour of Code? Or maybe you are brand new to coding and intimidated by the whole concept. No worries, we got your back! Here are all the resources you need to make this year’s Hour of Code a huge success!

Hour of Code in the Classroom or Home

Hour of code resources for teachers and parents

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So first up, you might be asking, what is hour of code? Hour of code is an initiative to help get kids coding by introducing it in a fun and non-threatening way. Usually kids start out by learning simple coding techniques that over time they can apply in more complex situations. Hour of Code is an international initiative that takes place in December every year to coincide with Computer Science Education Week.

What Is Coding? 

One of the things I love about teaching coding, also known as computer programming, is that it is really a universal second language that is so important for all people to know, not just those planning to work in the field of computer science. Our world is dominated by computers and technology. Speaking their language will help you succeed in a world where we have immense computing power in our pockets.

Coding also teaches kids amazing critical thinking, problem solving and attention to detail. Nothing derails a nice string of code faster than a misplaced bracket!

Simplifying Coding Lessons

One of the things I hear a lot from educators and parents is that they don’t know coding and can’t teach it. I’m here to tell you today that you absolutely CAN teach coding to your kids. Advanced coding may be beyond your current expertise, but the basics of coding, which is the goal of the Hour of Code, can be taught by anyone who is able to think logically and sequentially. Essentially, you are giving your kids a one-hour introduction to code.

To help you out I’ve rounded up a ton of valuable resources to help you make your Hour of Code week a massive success!

Getting Started With Teaching Programming To Kids

This article includes some great programs, apps and websites to help you get started with teaching your kids programming and coding. Sometimes the best way to get started with coding is a fun game!

Beyond The Code

The reason I believe anyone can participate in Hour of Code is because coding is really about building a variety of vital skills, not just memorizing a bunch of programming languages. This article dives into all those skills that kids should develop to help them become efficient and strong coders.

Coding Toys – Hands On Coding Fun

If your budget allows, there are some amazing toys and robots on the market that teach coding skills. The best part with these toys is that your kids will spend hours practicing and mastering their new skills, all with a smile! These toys are a genius way to engage kids at all levels of abilities in coding. Our personal favourite that has been used for years is Sphero, but all our coding toys get a lot of use. I highly recommend breaking out the coding toys for Hour of Code.

Check out our top Coding Toy picks here.

Our top coding toy picks for preschoolers, kids and tweens. The best Coding Toys for Kids!

Screen Free Coding

Sometimes we want our kids to learn a little coding screen free. Here at STEAM Powered Family we have developed a number of different screen free coding games and worksheets. You can find all of them in our STEAM Powered Family Shop or Teachers Paying Teachers Store.

More Resources on Coding For Kids and Hour of Code

Mythbusting Coding For Kids – If you still are unsure about the world of coding.

Hour of Code Activities – So many amazing options here for hour of code tutorials.

Khan Academy Resource for Hour of Code – A fantastic resource.

Hour of Code with Disney – For all your young Disney fans!

Code with Google – A great computer programming resource.

Outschool Coding Classes – Outschool is an online virtual school where your kids can learn coding (and lots of other subjects) from teachers online. Simply search “coding” to find upcoming classes.


With hour of code happening so close to Christmas it is only natural to try and incorporate some holiday themed coding activities.

These secret image reveal coding challenges are so much fun! They teach children about algorithms and debugging, plus there is a bonus section on graphing. All with a festive theme!

Christmas STEM Printables with Coding

Some fun for the holidays, decode the ornaments to reveal the words and complete the ornaments. Check it out here.

Decoder Christmas Ornament

No matter how you decide to embrace Hour of Code this year, make sure you have fun doing it! Coding is a fantastic skill for everyone to learn. Just make it fun, interesting and you will find your students embracing the challenge and asking for more!

Happy Coding!

Hour of Code resources and materials for teachers, educators, schools and parents looking to introduce their kids to coding


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