Family Favorite Board Games With An Educational Twist!

Favorite board games for families. It’s something that has become a part of the ideal family life portrayal. I’m not sure what it is about board games, but when we play them together it brings me an immense amount of peace and happiness. Perhaps it’s because our board game time is when we are truly connecting as a family, having fun and, in many cases, learning. There is something special about seeing your child handling the banker role of Monopoly like a pro. So what are some of our favorite board games? Here is our list of family favourite board games.

Family Favorite Board Games

Family Favorite Board Games With An Educational Twist.

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First up, is the obvious, Monopoly. This game has been around forever and we own many different editions because Monopoly is like choosing an outfit, you need it to match your mood! One day we want classic, but the next time we want to travel through time and galaxies with Doctor Who Monopoly, another time we might want to geek out with a little Monopoly World of Warcraft Edition.

Robot Turtles is a very interactive game. Sometimes I like to leave my kids to play board games while I run off to do dishes or have a quiet moment, but with this game I need to be on hand playing the whole time because my role is to create all the challenges. This can be a challenge for me! But through this game my kids are learning if-than coding skills. Something we love doing in this house.

Operation is another classic I remember playing as a child and definitely qualifies as a favorite board game. Both of my children struggle with fine motor skills and this game is a fantastic chance to practice those skills while also spurring discussions about the human body. My youngest is very interested in how his body works and this game always leads to lots of great talks and laughs! Like Monopoly there are many different versions of Operation to chose from.

Scrabble is my favorite game and a great chance to practice vocabulary, spelling and more. We often make up our own rules to help my youngest play as well. One variation we love to play is to take a few sight reader books and we can only use words from those books. We also up the number of letter tiles each person has so it’s easier for everyone to find words with their letters. It’s a great way to practice sight words and as my boys are getting older I can teach them the real rules of play.

I always have a pack of cards in my purse. Playing a quick game of Go Fish is a fantastic way to pass the time at a restaurant or while waiting for appointments or a round of Black Jack is a fantastic way to practice adding skills up to 21.

There are lots of other board games, all with their strengths, but the most important part about these games is their ability to bring families together, to give people time to connect, and to increase the strength of the bonds we share. In a world that seems to be moving at an ever faster pace, with more and more distractions, taking some time around the table with those you love is invaluable.

Happy gaming!


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Family Favorite Board Games With An Educational Twist.