Easter STEM Craft Activity

This Easter STEM activity will have your kids bouncing like bunnies! Using our template your students can build a special Easter Egg Box where they can hide their sweet treats, decorated eggs, and more Easter delights. Kids will practice scissor skills and engineering, and this activity is suitable for early elementary.

Easter Egg Box STEM Activity

Easter STEM Craft - Easter Treat Box

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Cut out and glue together this fun STEM craft project for Easter!

This adorable project features a Mother Hen sitting on her Easter “nest” of candy eggs.

Kids will practice fine motor, dexterity and problem-solving skills, plus engineering STEM skills as they cut, glue and experiment with card stock.

Once finished add some colorful Easter grass to the box, then load it up with treats. This makes a gift, party favor or table decoration. Perfect for kids to hide their special Easter treasures and candy.

I love this idea and the kids love it too!


For this Easter STEM Activity you will need these simple supplies:

Template (members of the STEAM Powered Family list get it free!)
Glue (white glue is best, but a glue stick works too)
Butter knife or something similar to crease the paper
Ruler (optional)

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To see a visual of each step, watch this video. Note, there is no audio, just some music, details of the steps are written below. If you can’t see the video, please turn off your adblockers. Thanks!


Here are the detailed instructions for making the Easter STEM Craft project.

Print both sheets out on cardstock paper in colour.

Use the butter knife to score all of the dotted lines. This helps making a crease in the thick card stock paper so that it will fold easier. Be careful to not pierce or tear the paper with your scoring object. Sometimes using a ruler helps to keep scoring lines straight. Simply place the ruler on the paper where you want the score and the smooth edge of the knife alongside, pressing firmly as you go. Repeat if required to ensure the crease is well defined.

Carefully cut out both pieces along the outside solid lines. Pay close attention to the slits and tiny wedges that need to be cut out, as well.

Begin folding the box top and box bottom along the scored, dotted lines.

As the box top and lid begin to take shape, use small amounts of glue to stick the tabs of the top and bottom onto the insides of the box. The box lid has tiny wedge folds that form the bottom lip of the top. Press and hold these together for a minute to get them to stay glued.

Work with the box by cupping your hands around it and working the creases and fittings in order to get it to stand straight. Bend and form it so that it takes the shape you want and is stable standing up.

Place some colorful Easter grass inside your box. Add candy and/or other

Easter STEM

Building a special little box to hide their treats in, this simple STEM activity is perfect for Easter and Spring STEM projects. Do it as a classroom project or at home as part of your homeschooling.

Inside you can place eggs, sweets, or special trinkets. It makes a great mini alternative to the big Easter baskets. Plus kids get the pride in knowing they made it!

Easter STEM Craft - Build an Easter Treat Box

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