Charlotte’s Web Inspired “About Me” Craft

This week we read Charlotte’s Web, one of my favourite books and I was so excited to share this story with my children. One of the things we loved exploring in the story was all the wonderful new vocabulary words they had learned. So with that in mind we came up with a special Charlotte’s Web inspired “about me” craft.

Charlotte's Web Inspired About Me Craft that will get kids expanding their vocabulary and understanding of themselves.

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If haven’t read Charlotte’s Web, go right now to your library and start reading! It’s a fantastic book for almost any age. Be prepared though, it’s quite moving.

If you have read it and it’s been a while, you might not remember Templeton. Templeton was the rat who lived under the trough in Wilbur’s pig pen. He plays an important role in the story. In a nutshell a barn full of animals comes together to save the life of a young pig who is destined for the smoke shack. With Charlotte, a spider, as their leader, they come up with a plan to save Wilbur’s life by spinning a web with words in it that describe Wilbur. But coming up with good words is a challenge. So Templeton is sent on missions to find scraps of paper with words on them.

Throughout Charlotte’s Web there are a lot of new words introduced and my boys loved learning about these new words and expanding their vocabulary. Charlotte is such a wonderful teacher!

The power and magic of words is a great theme throughout the story.

Using that as our inspiration we gathered up some old papers and searched for words the kids could use as “their” words. It could be something funny like “eats” because they like to eat a lot. Or maybe “questions” because they love to ask questions all the time. Or “red” because red is their favourite colour.

It was totally up to the kids to pick any 8 words they wanted. We talked about the meaning of the words and different ways those words could be used to describe the kids. If someone was stuck on picking out a word, we would work together to find words they could use.

Then using a simple paper plate, we painted the plate, put their name on it, added a couple of googly eyes, then glued on their 8 words to create the legs. The result, their very own

Charlotte’s Web Inspired “About Me” Craft

Charlotte's Web Inspired About Me Craft that will get kids expanding their vocabulary and understanding of themselves.


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