New Years Craft – Hidden Wishes for the New Year

Looking for a versatile New Years Eve craft? Check out this gorgeous New Years Craft Wreath! It is a simple project that can be used to decorate for the New Year with a vibrant infusion of gorgeous colour. Plus, you can use it as a special time capsule. A wonderful activity for kids of all ages.


Gorgeous and Vibrant Flower Wreath New Years Craft

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When we set out to create an amazing New Years craft, we remembered the gorgeous Model of the Solar System Wreath we made a few months ago. It was a fantastic project, so we decided to use the same principles with this activity.

Our goal with this project was to capture the beauty and colours of fireworks and I think it came through beautifully, but it also turned into a gorgeous flower wreath craft. We wanted bright and vibrant, something that embrace the hope that comes with a New Year, but would also counteract the constant white we face at this time of year.

Spring Flower Wreath

Due to the gorgeous flowers used in this design, you could totally use this project as a spring craft. If you do, maybe place a hand drawn picture in the middle, turning it into a beautiful frame. Or use it to frame a picture of your child. Or simply to create a beautiful decorative piece.

This project is so beautiful and so versatile. Definitely one you will want to do again and again. Due to the flower feel, we decided this really should be called a Flower Fireworks Wreath. Doesn’t that sound like the coolest project ever?

Flower Fireworks Wreath Supplies

Lots of Colored Craft Papers (go for bright colors and even glittery or metallic papers if you have them!)
Wreath base (or you can cut a large circle out of craft paper or cardboard)

How to Build a New Years Wreath

Watch the video to see pictures of each step.

Grab all the colored craft papers you have, this is a great craft project to use all the scrap papers. Cut strips of paper.

Write a Message, Create A Time Capsule

Add a little written wish for the New Year onto the cut outs. You can also have them write a goal, dream or something else special for the new year. Have all the members of your family or class do this. These hidden wishes will bring a special, magical touch to your wreath. Plus, you can save your wreath and come back to it at the end of the year as a way to look back and reflect.

Create Flowers

Take any one of the spiral cutouts and start to roll it from its outer edge. Keep the coil nice and firm. Continue to roll the spiral pattern towards the center.

Once the coiled pattern reaches the center of the spiral, allow the coiled part to loosen up a little. Glue the coiled part with the center of the spiral.

One by one coil the rest of the spiral cutouts and create the coiled flowers. Make enough paper flowers to fill the whole wreath base. Also cut out some leaf patterns from green colored craft papers.


Grab the wreath base. You can cover the wreath base using paper strips or you can keep it as it is. Either way works as the base will be covered with paper flowers.

I’ve used a long strip of white crepe paper to cover the whole base.

Done preparing the wreath base? Grab all the paper flowers and let’s get crafty!

Instead of attaching the paper flowers on the base randomly and in scattered way; try to fill the base by stating from one particular point and attaching the flowers adjacent to each other on the base.

Continue to attach the flowers on the base, keeping a nice and sound colour combination.

Fill the entire base as neatly as possible.

Take the paper leaf cutouts and attach them between the paper flowers on the base.

Attach as many leaves as you want or until you are satisfied with the wreath pattern.

Happy Crafting and most of all, Happy New Year!

New Years Wreath Craft with Flowers


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