Make Your Own Lego Crayons

I think every household with kids has buckets of crayons. I’m not even sure where they all come from, but we have them everywhere! There has been a bucket of them sitting on my dining room table for weeks and I was on the verge of tossing them in the garbage, but then I had an idea… make your own Lego crayons! Perfect for back to school and Halloween treat bags!

Make Your Own Lego CrayonsDisclosure: This post includes affiliate links.

The boys have decided they no longer like regular crayons, they prefer the twistables if they must use crayons, but they much prefer markers and pencil crayons. So the crayons have been sitting about neglected and unloved.

I needed to find a fun way to use up all of these crayons and finally I found the solution! Making cool Lego Crayons!

Making your own crayons is not only creative, but it is also a great way to use all those broken crayons and crayon bits instead of tossing them in the garbage. Making this a great Earth Day recycling activity too.

You will need:

Crayons (we found Crayola worked the best)

Lego silicone molds

Cookie Sheet

The process:

After removing the papers from the crayons we broke them into small pieces. Then we placed the pieces into the silicone molds. Setting the molds onto a tin foil lined cookie sheet (this makes cleaning up any splatters easy) I placed them in the oven at 300 degrees. After about 5 minutes I pulled them out and we added more crayon pieces. As they melt the wax settles and you will end up with very small pieces if you don’t top them up. Then they went back into the oven for another 5 minutes. Watch them closely and as soon as they are melted pull them out.

Let them cool completely. If you try to remove them from the molds before they are completely cool they will break. I set ours in the fridge for 15 minutes to ensure they were completely solid.

We found Crayola crayons worked the best giving a beautiful blending of the colours. Other crayons separated and we ended up with layer on the back that didn’t hold the colour. This gave us a chance to discuss the different way the crayons were obviously made and which ones they thought were better quality. Looks like we are buying Crayola from now on!

Carefully remove the figures from the molds and you have the coolest crayons around!

Make Your Own Lego Crayons

What kids wouldn’t love to have a bucket full of these for their first day back to school? Or first not-back-to-school day for homeschoolers.

Make Your Own Doctor Who Crayons
They would also make fantastic gifts, loot bag additions or even as trick or treat goodies at Halloween!

And of course we had to play with ours while eating some super yummy, homemade Lego gummies!

Homemade Lego crayons and gummies

So many great ideas and all using something you likely already have a ton of around the house. It’s the perfect frugal fun activity!

We did some with solid colours but also mixed up colours to create some unique pieces. I let the kids loose with their creativity on this!

Make Your Own Lego Crayons
Now if you’ve read my blog at all, you know I am obsessed with Doctor Who. So I also took this chance to also make some TARDIS and Dalek crayons too.

Make Your Own Doctor Who Crayons
To get the sparkly effect I used silver and gold crayons.

And I am IN LOVE with the way they turned out!

Make Your Own Doctor Who Crayons
These might just be for my use only!

A quick note about clean up, you will need to use hot water, dish soap and a scrub brush to remove the waxy residue. Especially from the silicone.

So if you are like me and have a bucket full of crayons kicking around make up a batch of these crayons and let the creativity fly!

Make Your Own Doctor Who Crayons