How to Use a Crystal Grid for Mindfulness

Crystals have become all the rage for teens and kids recently. And I have to say I am 100% in support of this new passion! Not only does it give us the chance to incorporate some fantastic geology learning into their lives, but did you know crystals can be used to promote positive mental health? Learn how to use a crystal grid to promote mental health, reduce anxiety, and teach mindfulness to children and teens.

Crystal Grids for Kids

Crystal Grid

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Have you ever been out for a walk with your kids and seen how they stop to excitedly pick up a rock from the ground? Almost every child I have ever met has had special rocks in their pockets at least once in their lives. So it comes as no surprise to me that crystals have become all the rage with kids and teens. It is essentially rocks just taken to a fancier level.

What are Crystals?

In this situation we are talking about a very specific type of crystal, the rock kind. Crystals are a special kind of solid, rock like matter, where the molecules fit together in a repeating pattern. This pattern causes the material to form all sorts of unique shapes. Crystals can be opaque or transparent, come in a wide variety of shapes, and can be a whole rainbow of colours. Some popular and easy to find crystals are Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian and Jasper.

Grow Your Own Crystals

We have grown our own crystals many times. It is a fascinating science, and to this day one of my favourite activities is growing Crystal Geodes and growing Edible Crystal Geodes. You can absolutely grow your own crystals for your kids to use when gridding. Learn how to grow nice large crystals here.

What is a Crystal Grid?

OK, so now we know what a crystal is, what is a Crystal Grid?

Simply put, a Crystal Grid is arranging the rocks or crystals into a pattern. You can use grid cloths or buy premade grids to use as a guide for arranging your crystals. Premade grids are usually created on cloth or wood.

But you can also just create on the go. One of our favourite activities is to find rocks in river beds and build a crystal grid with cool river rocks we find on fallen trees or on the sand.

If there is one thing I want everyone to take from this, it is that making a crystal grid should be something that brings joy. Especially for kids! Let them explore. Give them freedom to create. Let them do what makes them feel good!

Free Crystal Grid Templates

To make it easy for you to get started making Crystal Grids with your kids, I have a packet of Crystal Grid Templates you can use. Simply print these out, preferably on card stock. If desired they can be coloured, or use it as is. Then start placing your crystals.

Benefits of a Crystal Grid

Promoting Connection to Self and Nature

So why am I talking about Crystal Grids today? It is because they are an amazing tool for kids and teens, especially when we are talking about mental health. Making grids can help:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Foster a positive mindset
  • Promote mindfulness
  • Aid in promoting calm and sleep
  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • Increase focus and memory
  • Create feelings of happiness
  • Encourage creativity and imagination
  • Build connections with nature

When a child or teen starts building a grid, they immediately slow down. Their energy levels become less frantic. They engage their senses. Their creativity and artistic expression is given free rein. It is truly fascinating to watch.

How to Make a Crystal Grid

To start making a crystal grid you will need:

  • Crystals or Rocks (make them something special that appeals to your child)
  • A template or grid base (optional but makes it easier for most kids)
  • A flat surface
  • If you are planning on leaving the grid up for a while, a safe place to set it up.
  • An intention (optional, more on this in a second)

Once you have everything, have your child start arranging the rocks or crystals into a pattern that appeals to them. This is where the templates come in very handy. It gives the kids a guide to help them get started.

They might want to place a large crystal in the middle, group rocks by colour or size, create various shapes and patterns. It is very similar to making a mandala.

Don’t limit it to rocks and crystals either. You can use flowers, leaves, or even a cherished little toy or figurine in your child’s grids. Especially if it helps with your child’s intentions.

Sample Grid

Here is one we made that is a combination of river rocks and cherished crystals on a weathered piece of wood. The intention behind the grid was that “I will work hard to learn and put the puzzle pieces together, then I will feel happy and accomplished.”

River Rock Crystal Grid for Kids
River Rock Crystal Grid – “I will work hard to learn and put the puzzle pieces together, then I will feel happy and accomplished.”

As they create, encourage them to examine each crystal or rock before deciding where to place it. This will encourage them to use their senses and become more mindful.

If you talk to serious crystal grid builders, they will talk about working with the energies of the crystals and aligning or grouping them in a certain way to promote certain energies.

There are grids and crystals for healing, peace, prosperity, protection and more. Teens often love researching the metaphysical side of crystal use. If they are inclined, then encourage them to research and learn. There is a wealth of information out there for them to discover, including learning about geological and rock formations around the world.

However, you don’t need to worry about that aspect if your kids are not interested. Instead, let them create what appeals to them.

Setting Intentions

This is where the magic happens for many kids when doing a crystal grid.

Once your child is comfortable with the idea of making a grid, ask them to set an intention the next time they make a grid. Some ideas:

  • Feel less worried
  • Sleep well
  • To be confident
  • Be brave
  • To be creative
  • Do well at school

Think of it like an affirmation. Now, when they place each stone, repeat their intention.

I am brave.

My heart is full of confidence.

Tonight I will sleep well.

I will do well on my test.

This type of repetition helps to reinforce the words into the subconscious. After they have set all their crystals, rocks or stones, have them sit with the grid for a few minutes. Encourage them to admire their grid and think about their intention. Perhaps have them tell you why they think putting the stones and crystals where they did will help them realize their intention. Talking about it also helps reinforce the intentions which will help the child internalize them.

Crystal Grid
Crystal Grid for Kids – I will work hard to overcome obstacles. Note all the crystal “obstacles” leading down to the heart stone, signifying happiness and success.

Once you are all finished, you can leave the grid set up as a reminder of their intention or affirmation. This is great if you are making a grid to help with sleep (leave it set up in their bedroom), or if they are preparing for an exam (leave it set up while they study). Or you can put it away, store it in a container and have it ready for the next time you do a crystal grid.

Where to get Crystals

You can buy crystals almost everywhere lately. Even my local toy store and book store has a crystal section. I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned they are all the rage! I really like taking my kids into crystal specialty stores and letting them pick their own crystals.

There are also lots of great books on crystals and rocks to help build in some research into your gridding efforts. Here are some of my favourites:

The Crystal Bible

Crystals for Beginners

Mega Gemstone from National Geographic

My Book of Rocks and Minerals

Using a crystal grid can be an incredible way for a child or teen to foster positive mental health. Give it a try, use one of our free templates and some rocks you find in nature and see how it makes your child feel.

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