Glow Eruptions

Sometimes the most basic of experiments can be turned into something “wow” worthy with a simple ingredient switch. The other day we did this and created glow eruptions!

Glow Eruptions - A fun science experiment

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This is a very messy experiment, so make sure you are doing it in an area that is easy to clean up. We set everything on towels as the kids took over conducting the experiment and doing the mixing, so things got a little wild and messy! But they had so much fun!

To do this super fun and simple experiment, you will need:

A tall glass

A dish or tray to catch the overflow


baking soda

tonic water

A black light

Set up your space with the glass on the tray in front of the black light. Make sure any overflow will not get near any electrical for the black light.

Fill the glass about 1/4 full with tonic water. Then add another 1/4 of vinegar.

Now make sure everyone is ready and sprinkle in some baking soda!

Glow Eruptions - A fun science experiment

The boys loved this simple experiment and insisted on setting it up to redo three times in a row!

The tonic water contains quinine which glows under black light and provides the glow in this eruption. The rest is a basic vinegar and baking soda chemical reaction.

Super fun and super easy for a quick STEAM activity!