Shake It Up – Earthquake Unit Study In A Box

This week we did some experiments and studies around Earthquakes. It started out with us breaking open our first Groovy Lab In A Box. I expected we would build a few things, do a couple of experiments and that would be it. I never expected to get a whole earthquake unit study, ready to go, right out of the box!

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Shake It Up - Earthquake Unit Study In A BoxDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

This is our first year of homeschooling and although I have spent a lot of time planning and preparing I’m also trying to incorporate some things that don’t require planning. Educational activities that I can just do without needing lots of preparation or planning. Both of my boys really like doing science so one of the ways I decided to do this was by starting monthly deliveries of Groovy Lab In A Box for STEMists.

Shake It Up - Earthquake Unit Study In A BoxI am so impressed after our first box! Not only does it have EVERYTHING you need. Seriously, everything is in there, including a sharpie, zip lock bags, a push pin, and even paper towels! The only thing we needed to add was our energy and a pair of scissors to cut up the box to be used in one of the experiments. It was so nice to just sit down and work through the activities without having to constantly jump up and look for items.

This month’s theme was called Shake It Up! and it was an entire unit study on engineering, earthquakes, plate tectonics and energy waves.

I wasn’t expecting it to be a complete unit study. I expected a few fun activities with a bit of learning thrown in, but we got so much more than that.

Their guide book is excellent, providing instructions and interesting bits of information. It also acts as a workbook to record and document your scientific theories and discoveries.

The experiments are designed to be done as a team approach, perfect for families. Although some of the steps were a bit hard for the kids, working as a team we were able to do everything. Groovy Lab In A Box recommends their program for 8 years old and up. My boys are 6 and 9 years old and both my boys were actively involved and excited to do the projects. In fact my 6 year old had lots of wonderful questions about plate tectonics and how they work. It was his first time hearing these concepts and I loved the discussions we had while dying rice and making mini earthquakes.

Each box also comes with a secret code word that opens a vault on their website and links you through to a ton of learning. There were videos, recommended reading and even games, all designed to deepen your understanding of the concepts taught in the box.

This was an entire unit study in one box delivered right to our door!

Shake It Up - Earthquake Unit Study In A BoxI wish I had this box about three years ago when Jackson was really into plate tectonics and earthquakes. He found it interesting but I know he would have gone nuts for a whole box of earthquake learning a few years ago. As I mentioned above, the program may be designed for 8 years old and up, but with adult help I think younger kids, especially young STEMists, can really gain a lot from this program.

The nice thing with Groovy Lab In A Box is that you can save some of the materials to be used in future experiments. Perfect for stocking your tinker table.

The Beyond The Box materials also don’t expire, so if we decide to come back in a few months and do some more studying about earthquakes, all the information will be there for us.

I’m so happy with this program and know it’s going to be a great, and fun, addition to our science learning this year! If you want to try it out you can order a single box in your choice of topics without committing to a monthly subscription. I also love that shipping is free, even to Canada!  Check it out, your STEMist in training will love you for it!

Shake It Up - Earthquake Unit Study In A Box

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