Celebrate Canada with Canadian Slime!

July 1 is a big day! It’s Canada’s birthday! In 2017 Canada turned 150 years old, but every year is worth celebrating Canada’s birthday. Oh heck, we love Canada so much we are happy to celebrate it any day of the year and this Canada themed slime is perfect.

July 1 Canada Day
Red & White Slime Recipe

Canada Day Kids Activity making the perfect Canada Slime

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After a lot of slime making over the winter we didn’t make any slime all spring. We really just slimed ourselves out. But since it’s been a few months we all decided we were ready to break out the saline slime again. And boy did the kids love this Canada slime. It was perfect for our Canada Day kids activity!

We made two batches, one red and white batch, and the second batch with glitter for an extra festive touch.

Canada Slime Ingredients

For more details on the full recipe, read about our favourite saline slime recipe here.


Making Canada Slime

The recipe is very simple and Canada friendly, using ingredients readily available anywhere in Canada. Place your white glue in two bowls (place more in the bowl which will become red), add 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon baking soda to each. Mix completely.

Now make the white slime using the smaller batch. Add a few drops of buffered saline. Mix. Almost immediately you should notice it start to pull together. Keep mixing. Once it starts to pull into a bit of a ball, add some saline to your palms then pick it up and start kneading. After about 5 minutes the stickiness will go away and you will have a super stretchy slime.

Using the larger batch make the red slime. Add red food colouring and mix. Add more red food colouring as needed. I also added a bit of yellow because I found the red was too purple for me. Mix completely. Then continue with the same procedure using the saline.

I recommend doing the white first, then red because your hands may become a bit red! It washes off, but you don’t want your white slime turning pink!

If you want to use glitter glue, just replace the white glue with glitter glue. I used coloured glitter glue but still added a bit of food colouring to the red batch to make it pop even more.

More slime tips

I use a brand of buffered saline I bought at my local grocery store. It was super cheap and works beautifully. I’ve only ever bought one bottle and made hundreds of batches of slime. You don’t need much and if you use too much your slime will break and not be stretchy.

For more slime creation and safety tips, check out this article.

Celebrate Canada

Now it’s time to play and celebrate!

Start by putting your white slime in the middle, then divide your red slime into two pieces and place one on either side. You can add coins, beads, and more to make your slime even more festive.

Now stretch, pull, squish, and enjoy your slime. The colours will mix, but you will have a great time mixing them up!

Check back for more Canada Kids Activities!

Canada Day is even better with this perfect Canada themed slime kids will love as much as they love Canada

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