Unique Books For Kids – Celebrate Diversity, Learning & STEAM


Finding books for my kids to read is not hard. They love books. Bring them into a book store and there will be plenty of fiction and non-fiction books face out on the shelves waiting to jump into their hungry hands. But I want to raise children that are well read. With a diverse and complex bookshelf. I want them to read unique books that celebrate diversity, learning, STEAM and complex issues that will broaden their knowledge and understanding. I want to raise critical thinkers, deep thinkers and to do this I need special books. Unique books for kids that will engage, entertain and educate. This year I’ve found a few winners that will be joining our shelves.

A list of unique books for kids that celebrate diversity, learning, STEAM and complex issues. Engage, entertain and educate. Raising critical thinkers.

Disclaimer and disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. In some instances I was been given a free copy of the book to review. All comments are my honest thoughts and impressions.

Finding these types of books for kids is not always easy. And in today’s age of small presses and indie publishers, it can be even harder to find the gems. They become lost in a sea of covers and titles and it can be hard to sort through the masses and find the great ones. It’s taken lots of digging but I discovered some winners in my search for books suitable for the elementary and tween years, and I’m sharing them here!


You can buy these books as a set or individually. There are two books: Leonardo da Vinci Gets A Do-Over and The League of Scientists – Ghost In The Water. These books are a unique fiction novel format that incorporates STEM principles. In Leonardo da Vinci Gets A Do-Over I learned about flight, math principles in art, and even the Fibonacci Sequence. It’s blended into the story providing an excellent way to explore STEM topics. We had lots of great discussions about all the new things the kids learned from reading these books.


I enjoyed the Blended STEM fiction book set so much I did some research and found more fiction titles that have STEM woven into their plot lines. I can’t wait to check these out.


I’m a HUGE fan of Theodore Gray’s books. Not only do they present science in a very accessible way but the photography is amazing! I love just looking at the pictures with the kids. I only recently discovered he has a mad science book too! Score!


Do you have a trivia lover? Someone who loves to discuss new things they have learned, or odd facts and figures? This is the perfect set of books for them! You can buy them together or you can buy 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science and 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math separately. Every classroom should have these books. They are filled with fascinating facts kids love to learn. Want to add extra trivia fun? Grab the Smart Kids Box Set that includes both 101 books plus the One Minute Mysteries books. My younger son loves the One Minute Mysteries which are written at a slightly younger level.

Sometimes books aren’t for reading but for instructing and guiding. Looking for some hands-on fun and learning? These books are packed full of activities that would be perfect for teacher gifts or to keep your kids busy creating and learning.

A list of unique books for kids that celebrate diversity, learning, STEAM and complex issues. Engage, entertain and educate. Raising critical thinkers.


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