10 Tips For Getting Through The Tough Homeschool Days

I know I’m pretty new to homeschooling, but we have already had our fair share of tough days and learned so much from other families. Plus, I do feel that a lot of these ideas apply to all parents, not just those that are homeschooling. Here are my favourite tips for getting through the tough homeschool days. I hope some of these help you through your own tough days, whether you are homeschooling or just a parent having a rough day.

Getting Through the Tough Homeschool Days - Here are my favourite tips!

Being with the same people 24/7/365 is hard on anyone, no matter how much you love each other. My boys normally get along beautifully, but some days they are oil and water.

Personally, there are also those days when guilt and fears can become overwhelming for me. I often question if I’m doing the right thing homeschooling my little dragons. Some days I also start staring over the fence, wondering how much greener that grass is for those with kids in school, or working moms, or those parenting kids without special needs.

I know it’s not greener, just different, but some days it’s hard to maintain a sense of hope and gratitude. I might not be feeling well, or the kids are fighting, or one of the boys might be struggling to cope as their anxiety or traumas overwhelm their little bodies and minds or there could be a major blizzard that as kept us housebound for days. Sometimes it’s just a really tough day!

Thankfully those moments are rare. I truly love homeschooling my kids, even though I was the most reluctant homeschooler ever!

Here are ten things I do to help keep perspective and stay positive even when the going is rough.

1 ~ Exercise. If possible I go outside for a nice walk or hike, but when the weather is bad I hop on the treadmill while the kids work out with me (usually involves lots of crazy parkour antics!).

2 ~ Do a fun project that excites me and ignites my interests and passions. Starting this blog was one of those things!

3 ~ I remember some fellow moms and friends who are no longer here to raise their children. Then I hug my kiddos. Even if it makes them squirmy. My heart breaks for the children without their moms and thinking of my friends who are gone, leaving their little ones behind, always gives me perspective.

4 ~ Change up the day. Sometimes, what everyone needs is a day off. Throw in a movie, grab some snacks and curl up under some blankets together.

5 ~ Meet up with some other moms and kids. Your kids can play while you chat with other moms. If you can find moms in similar circumstances as you, even better. Exchanging that knowing look with someone who really “gets it” can lighten even the worst load.

6 ~ Eat some chocolate or whatever your happy food is. Life is about balance and sometimes we need a little comfort food.

7 ~ Go somewhere. As a kid I used to love field trips. Now, as the parent and teacher, I sometimes find them really stressful, but more often than not they are worth the effort and my kids love getting out and having new experiences. A change of scenery is sometimes exactly what everyone needs.

8 ~ Play a game. My kids love a good board or card game, even if I have to twist their arms to get them started. This is one of their favourite games, guaranteed to create giggles and turn our day around.

9 ~ Read a good book. Either by myself or read out loud with the kids.

10 ~ Read some inspiring quotes. I love this part of the internet. If I need a pick me up I can usually find some wonderful quotes to inspire me. I keep a folder on my computer and also on Pinterest, ready for those moments when I need them.

What do you do to get through the hard days?