Taking A Tech Free Road Trip To Reconnect Family

Planning a tech free road trip with the family? It can seem daunting, but taking some time away from technology will do a world of good for everyone and has significant . Take a breather, connect, bond, savour your time together. The benefits and long term gains may surprise you. Here are my tips for a tech free road trip to reconnect the whole family.

Why you need a tech free road trip to reconnect with the family. This trip helped us disconnect from what doesn't matter and connect to what matters, each other.

We love our technology here at STEAM Powered Family. We embrace it as an integral part of our daily lives for everything from running our businesses, to educating our children, for entertainment and play, and even connecting with friends and family.

But at the end of the day, it’s important that we take time to focus on what matters most. Our family. Our kids. Each other. The mental health benefits of turning off the technology have been shown over and over again. We need to unplug and connect, without devices, to the people around us. The most important people in our lives. Attachment is not made of concrete, we need to continue to nurture and care for our attachments to the people in our lives. We can’t do that if we have our noses pointed at a screen most of the time.

Now, I know, the idea of planning a whole weekend without any technology is scary. It is for us too. Our businesses rely on technology and as one man shows, it all falls on us to keep things afloat. The idea of not being connected is scary.

We’ve also developed this mentality of needing to “check in”, to let people know where we are, what we are doing. We feel the need to immediately return messages. To constantly be available. It can be hard to turn that off. It’s become such a part of the way we work and function. But we need to; for our health, for our relationships, and for our sanity.

We are such a techie family, but we also feel our mental health for ourselves and our children is more important than anything. So recently we planned a tech free road trip… and it was amazing!

Planning A Tech Free Road Trip With The Family

It takes planning. There is no way around it. To completely ditch the tech and unplug an entire family of people takes a bit of planning, but it is completely doable! We planned a tech free trip to the lake and it was magical!

First step? You need to take care of your car. I know this might seem like a strange place to start when planning to unplug, but think about it. If you run into car troubles, the first thing you are going to do is pull out your cell phone to call for help. Then with the stress and aggravation, you are going to immediately plug back in and start checking messages, looking up stuff, and suddenly your tech free vacation is no longer tech free.

For any road trip you should do some basic maintenance on your car before you leave. An oil change, top up the fluids, check the tires and, of course, gas it up. When we were prepping for our trip we went down to Canadian Tire to get all the supplies we needed for a DIY oil change and car maintenance.

Make sure you are using the oil necessary for your car as specified in your owner’s manual.

Some Items You Might Want To Take

A Cooler (perfect for a little science fun to experiment with Does it Float? Oh, and storing food!)
Water guns
Water balloons (play time plus some science fun!)
Camp chairs
S’more Kits (A Canadian tradition!)
Pool noodles (maybe build a pool noodle periscope!)
Life jackets
Flashlight (we even found a cool crank one… no batteries!)
Bug spray (those mosquitoes at the lakes in Canada can be mean!)
Vinegar and baking soda (the lake is the perfect place for some bottle rocket fun!)

DIY Oil Change and Car Maintenance 

When we got home from Canadian Tire, we focused on getting the car ready and doing that oil change. It’s important to me that my kids are involved in our car maintenance. They will be driving soon and I want them to know how to safely and properly care for their car. Proper maintenance and care is important for protecting their first big investment, a car.

After the car was ready, we packed up and hit the road!

We had an amazing trip. We talked, not just quick surface conversations, but really big, deep talks. I got to know my kids and husband on a new level. We connected and fostered those attachments. My kids are growing up into the most amazing humans. I want to know those people they are becoming.

This little trip helped us all disconnect from what doesn’t really matter, and connect to what really matters, each other.

And you know what? All that technology, all those messages, everything waited until we got back. But our kids? They are growing up so fast, this wasn’t something we could wait on. And all it took was a trip to Canadian Tire to make our tech free road trip a reality.

Why you need a tech free road trip to reconnect with the family. This trip helped us disconnect from what doesn't matter and connect to what matters, each other.


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