Silly Sensory Art

It’s summer time! Which means we can finally get outside and really get into some fun, full body art. My kids tend to shy away from arts and crafts. They have some fine motor delays, sensory issues, plus a fear of judgment. So my goal lately has been to create art projects that will build their confidence and be fun.

Enter Silly Sensory Art.

Silly Sensory Art

So named because it uses the famous silly string. Who doesn’t love this stuff?

Our plan was simple. Spread out a big sheet of paper on the ground outside. Dress the kids in their grubbies. Then hand them each a couple of cans of silly string.

From there I was able to watch while the magic happened.

Silly Sensory Art, building fine motor strength

Dispensing the silly string was hard work, great for building finger strength, especially as the cans emptied.
Silly Sensory Art
The kids could also pick it up, ball it up, stretch it, slap it on their foreheads while doing their zombie stumbles yelling “BRAINS!” Or the ever popular pretending it was boogers. The creativity and spontaneity was so much fun to watch!
Silly Sensory Art
Then the boys really surprised me. They started manipulating the silly string with their feet, making cool art with their toes. For sensory kids that freak out constantly about socks, this SHOCKED me! But they loved it.

Silly Sensory Art TOES!

The design on paper was constantly changing and morphing as they explored and created. It was so much fun. My only plan for next time is to have more silly string on hand!

Do you have any fun summer activities planned?