Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

I’m allergic to nuts and sometimes that really, really sucks. Not just in the swelling up like a balloon kind of way, but also because, sometimes I want a crunchy, salty snack. Then one day I discovered the amazing, savoury morsels known as Roasted Chickpeas and a world of crunchy, yumminess opened itself up to me. I’ve played with my Roasted Chickpea Recipe a lot over the years and it is honestly really hard to find a spice combination that doesn’t work!

Roasted Chickpea Recipe

This recipe is really quite simple and lends itself to lots of variations depending on your tastes. I usually just eat them straight out of the bowl, but they can also be used on salads for a little crunch without croutons! I find they work especially good on quinoa salad.

Oh, and the boys LOVE them! They inhale these as fast as I can make them.


1 can chickpeas

3 tblsp EVOO (you can also use butter)

Spices! This can vary based on your tastes.

Wash the chickpeas thoroughly. In a bowl mix the EVOO and spices (I use a heavy hand with the spices, as I like a lot of flavour, but use your own discretion). Here are some of my favourite combinations:

Roasted Chickpea Recipe~ Fresh pressed garlic, salt and pepper (sometimes I add a bit of lemon rind)

~ Cajun spice and garlic salt

~ Berbere ethiopian spice, salt and pepper

~ Cayenne, seasoning salt

Toss the chickpeas in the spiced oil until they are well coated. Then transfer to a tinfoil lined cookie sheet. Bake at 325 degrees for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Stirring every 5 minutes. Once they start to  turn a little brown and “rattle” on the cookie sheet they are done.

Let cool on the cookie sheet before transferring to a bowl. If you are not eating them right away make sure they are stored in an air tight container. They will soften up quickly.

Enjoy these tasty morsels!