Growth Mindset Inspired Cursive Practice Worksheets

Growth Mindset is all about attitude and belief in yourself and your ability to grow. As much as I have worked hard to instill a growth mindset in my children, it is something that needs reinforcement and practice. Especially when they are facing something that is really hard. For a child with dysgraphia handwriting and cursive practice is HARD! So I’ve created something to help.

Image of Growth Mindset Inspired Cursive Practice Sheets

Growth Mindset Inspired Cursive Practice Worksheets

Our struggles with dysgraphia have been ongoing with our son. Interestingly, the subject most impacted is math. A lot of handwriting is involved in solving equations. And if it’s messy, it can make solving the problems extremely difficult. This has lead to some serious math anxiety that we continue to work on overcoming.

Of course, the most obvious area that is impacted is handwriting. We have been learning cursive for a couple of years now and it continues to be something that needs practice. Especially learning to write small.

However, we have run into an issue. All the cursive practice sheets used enlarged line spacing. So whenever I would give my son a standard lined notebook, he found the lines way too tight and struggled to make his writing small enough to fit.

To help him, I created some cursive practice pages that use a smaller line spacing. Since he still benefits from tracing, I wanted to include traceable font as well as lines for him to just write.

Warning, I went small with this! It will require careful precision in their handwriting, but that is exactly what my son needs. I also recommend using a pen for practice to provide greater precision in their letter forms. We LOVE using our Inkjoy gel pens.

Cursive practice sheets with a growth mindset theme partially completed

I went with inspirational words and quotes with a growth mindset focus because I believe in the power of hearing, and seeing, those words over and over again. Copying them will only help reinforce these ideas in his mind.

He needs to know that things might be hard, but with practice he will improve.
That intelligence and smarts are not something he is born or gifted with, it is something he has control over. He can become smarter.
I want him to really believe that his brain is like a muscle, with challenges and work, it will become stronger and better.
He needs to know he has the ability to become better with a little persistence and the right attitude.
Most of all, he needs to know that he can do the hard things, maybe not yet, but with the right practice and strategies, he will get there.

What’s in the packet? 

This Growth Mindset Cursive Practice Worksheets packet features one page of growth mindset inspired words, plus 9 pages of quotes for kids. Keep in mind this is for a more advanced cursive writer who needs to practice writing smaller and with greater precision.

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