Ancient Civilizations – Montessori Lessons In A Box For Young Historians

Montessori lessons are something very new to me. When I started homeschooling, my boys had such specific special needs that I immediately jumped into a mediated learning situation. So when Brainy Kit approached me and asked if I would like to try their Ancient Civilizations Montessori box I jumped at the chance.

Ancient Civilizations - Montessori Lessons In A Box For Young Historians

Disclaimer: I was given a free box in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links. 

My oldest is a history buff, he loves studying evolution, ancient societies (Gummy Mummies anyone?) and times long past. At ten years old he was a bit above the recommended ages of 4 to 9 from Brainy Kit, but he loves the subject matter so much, I hoped it wouldn’t be too beneath him. What worked perfectly for us was that my youngest is only 8 years old and a bit developmentally delayed, so the box was perfectly targeted for him.

Here was the great thing though, my oldest took the lead and loved teaching my youngest from the box. It was so easy.

Our Montessori lessons included a guide book, DK Eyewitness book on Ancient Civilizations, a Professor Noggins card game, an archaeology dig kit plus some cards and timelines. Here is a picture of what was in our box.

Ancient Civilizations - Montessori Lessons In A Box For Young Historians. A fun and easy week of lessons studying ancient civilizations in early elementary.

The guide book broke down what to do each lesson. In my opinion the guide book was a little too literal. For instance for each lesson step one is calling the children to you and asking them to join you for a lesson. Perhaps this is a Montessori thing? I’m not sure. The guide book also talked about things like Montessori mats, I’m not sure what those are. Perhaps someone that uses a Montessori approach would have a better understanding of some of the steps in the guide book.

Since my oldest is so into history, I let my him have some free rein and he adapted the lessons to suit his interests and level. Plus the way he wanted to teach his brother.

My youngest loved hatching the archaeology egg. Both boys were so excited to see the piece of amber with a small bug trapped inside. We did require a magnifying glass to see the bug, so you might want to make sure you have one on hand.

My oldest also enjoyed the comparison charts that talked about how ancient discoveries led to modern marvels. That connection from past to present was something that really interested him.

The DK book is well done, we have others from the DK series and they are excellent tools for our homeschool. Very practical with lots of beautiful pictures.

Overall it was a fun kit and the topic was perfect for my little historians. I’m still not entirely clear on what makes something Montessori, perhaps the hands on nature of the lessons? But either way it was a fun break from our regular lessons and a nice way to get lots of materials in one box delivered right to our door.

You can check out all the Brainy Box offers here. Each box covers a different topic. So they are sure to have something to interest your kids.

Ancient Civilizations - Montessori Lessons In A Box For Young Historians


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