Classroom Kindness Cards – Combat bullying, discrimination and anxiety

Combat bullying, discrimination and anxiety in the classroom by promoting kindness with these Classroom Kindness Cards. Raising a generation of kindness.

Kindness. With all the reports of bullying epidemics, selfish behaviors, and generally not being kind to others, it’s time to join the kindness movement. As educators, at home, in classroom or a public program, we are modeling behaviors that we need to instill in future generations. One of the most important is so simple, kindness. Kindness shouldn’t be hard, but sometimes a little reminder and conscious effort can go a long way. That’s way I created our Classroom Kindness Cards.

Classroom Kindess Combat Anxiety and Bullying

One of the reasons we homeschool our children is because my oldest developed a severe anxiety disorder while in the classroom. His biggest trigger was the lack of kindness he encountered daily in the school. In the classroom, the halls, he said he rarely saw anyone smile. People didn’t return his greetings. When he tried to do a kind act, he often got in trouble or had his motives questioned. The lack of kindness he encountered in the school and classroom was a major contributor to his feelings of being unsafe at school, which eventually developed into a severe anxiety disorder.

I truly believe we all want to be kind and experience kindness, but sometimes life gets in the way. Your busy, things are chaotic, or maybe it’s a bad day and kindness is the farthest thing from your mind. But our kids are counting on us to teach them about kindness. To model kind behaviors, thoughts and decisions.

Sometimes all we need is a little kindness reminder. That’s why I created the Classroom Kindness Cards and 12 Days of Classroom Kindness Calendar.

The Kindness Christmas Calendar for December

classroom kindness christmas calendar

Since December is a short month for many due to the holidays, I’ve set out 12 days of kindness activities. It starts December 1 and runs weekdays until December 16 2016 (if I get enough requests I can update this each year).

Each day features a simple suggestion for something kids can do to make their classrooms fill up with a little more kindness.

I suggest this be done as a class. Each day talk about the kindness challenge for that day and work together on plan to meet the challenge. At the end the end of the day check in with the kids. If someone struggled to meet the challenge help them find other ways to embrace kindness for the day.

Classroom Kindness Cards

classroom kindness cards

Does kindness only happen at Christmas? Absolutely not! That’s why I’ve also created Classroom Kindness Cards. There are 24 cards in total. These cards can be used anytime, all year round.

In our homeschool we have placed these cards in a jar. The kids simply pull one of the cards from the jar and it gives them a kindness idea.

You could also post these on a board so everyone can see them all the time.

Or make a flipbook of Classroom Kindness Ideas.

What else could you do with these Classroom Kindness Cards?

Why not work together to come up with even more ways to bring kindness into your classroom? Write down the ideas and add them to the Classroom Kindness Cards. You can never have too much kindness!

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