Budget Friendly and Free Home Education Resources

Money is tight and suddenly you find yourself homeschooling the kids. It’s hard and stressful. Anxiety is high, but it is totally doable! In fact, you might even find it fun. As a seasoned homeschooler I have used a lot of free tools over the years and I have gathered up the best of those free homeschool resources for you.

Free Educational Tools

Free Homeschool Education Resources

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For many people, finding yourself in a position of doing home education with your kids is stressful. Not only can it be a lot of pressure you put on yourself to school your kids, but it usually comes with the loss of income as at least one parent must stay home to educate the children.

Thankfully there are many free and budget friendly homeschooling options available to help you make the most of your children’s education.

Read on to learn about our favourite free and budget friendly homeschool resources.

Free Homeschool Resources

Free STEM Printables – I’ve gathered up a number of free STEM education printables you can grab to use during your home education studies. Also by joining the STEAM Powered Family mailing list you will be able to access even more educational materials.

Khan Academy – This is a massive resource with high quality educational video tutorials and practice in almost any subject you can think of. We actually used this a lot to help with homework while in public school. Now we are using it while homeschooling.

Duolingo – This is one of our favourite language learning apps. My husband has practiced daily with this Spanish for over 4 years! My kids change which languages they want to learn on what seems like a weekly basis, but it doesn’t matter. It’s free and they learning and having fun!

Educational Shows – There are so many shows available on various mediums that are more than just entertaining, they are also highly educational.

Hoopla – This is a massive repository of ebooks, audio books, shows and videos. The best part is that they have a dedicated section for educational materials making it easy to quickly access materials from the comfort of your home. All you need is your library card to access materials.

The Met Opera – Performances are live streaming performances daily.

Google Arts and Culture Museum Tours – Travel the world from the comfort of your home with tours of museums, sites, art and more from across the globe. Over 500 tours included, all for free.

Free classes from Ivy League colleges – This is a massive resource exploring many of the free options available.

Book Review Printable – This is a free Book Review Printable from STEAM Powered Family.

The most important thing your kids can learn through homeschooling costs nothing at all. They can learn:

Make Use of Items You Already Have

Another budget friendly way to save money homeschooling is to use items you already have at home.

Remember those building kits you bought your kids for Christmas but then got put away? Pull those out and get building!

Grab that box of crafting supplies, take a look at what you have and encourage your kids to help you come up with project ideas.

Raid the pantry! Any items that are old or about to expire could be great in a science experiment.

Remember that hobby you tried to take up years ago? Like playing the guitar, metal stamping, sewing or even origami? Whatever it is, go dig out all those dusty supplies and pick it up again. This time with your kids.

Most of all, take inventory and get creative with what you have on hand.

Budget Friendly Resources

STEAM Powered Family Shop – We’ve created a number of printable materials that you can purchase, print at home and be teaching in moments.

Teachers Paying Teachers – This is like the Amazon of education resources. There is so much here. It takes some digging but you can find so many amazing digital products to use with your kids. Tip! Follow your favourite shops to be notified when they upload new content. And look for some incredible free resources from each shop!

Tappity – This is an incredible, multi-sensory educational app for your elementary students. They also offer a number of their smaller educational apps free of charge. Plus if you click this link they will give you 33% off Tappity!

Outschool – This is a great site where teachers from around the world can offer classes on pretty much any subject you can think of. Kids log in and attend school online. Prices vary by class, but you can find some great deals. Plus a few of these classes can help take the pressure off you for those subjects and give you time to sit and have a cup of tea while the kids are “in school”.

Kitchen Science – This is a variety of activities you can do at home with items from your kitchen. I especially like picking through the pantry to use up old items and about to expire items in our homeschool activities.

Happy Homeschooling!

Free Homeschool Education Resources

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