Creation Crate Chemistry Kit Review

We love a good chemistry experiment around here, and I am always looking for powerful tools I can use with those experiments to teach the concepts in sound ways. It is one thing to do or watch a chemistry experiment, but it is very different when you use those experiments to learn complex scientific principles. In the past we have really loved Creation Crate’s programs, so when they came out with a Chemistry program I knew we had to give it a try. Here is our review of Creation Crate Chemistry.

Creation Crate Chemistry Kit

Creation Crate Chemistry Kit Review

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Disclaimer: STEAM Powered Family was given a complimentary kit by Creation Crate for review purposes. All thoughts and images are my own.

STEAM Powered Family has enjoyed Creation Crate for many, many years. It is a STEM education subscription box company, that promotes quality education at home. When we first started using Creation Crate I had my very precocious young scientist at home being homeschooled. He really enjoyed the boxes, but at the time the only program they had was focused on electrical engineering skills. Fun, but it wasn’t exactly aligned with my child’s passions. He was all about chemistry. So when I saw Creation Crate had a new chemistry program, I knew we had to give it a go!

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Chemistry for Middle School and High School

One of the things that became challenging for me as my children grew, was finding quality tools for teaching middle school and high school level skills. Especially in the sciences.

Those chemistry sets I grew up LOVING playing with and learning from, no longer exist.

But even if they were still available, although I loved experimenting and discovering, I wasn’t always learning in depth skills. I wasn’t building a solid knowledge foundation for moving into advanced sciences.

That gap is where Creation Crate Chemistry sits perfectly.

It takes those cool chemistry sets (you get to set stuff on fire in the first lesson!), and adds in detailed, very thorough lessons.

And quizzes… did I mention quizzes? For those of you who need to report learning and growth to a governing educational body, those quizzes are perfect!

What’s in the Box?

Creation Crate Chemistry Kit

When you sign up for Creation Crate Chemistry you get a starter box. This includes the basic lab tools you will need for doing the Chemistry Labs and Experiments in the lessons.

Then, each month, you will get a new lesson box that includes all the supplies you need to do that month’s lesson.

There is very little you need to provide from home (in the first box all I needed to provide was some water which was just there as a safety precaution and a lighter).

In addition, each month you get an access code to an online lesson. In this lesson there is a combination of video lessons from a Chemistry teacher, written lessons, quizzes and also some guides. The guides help teachers and parents who are looking to align with NGSS, plus there is a guide to career connections for students.

The online lesson format is very intuitive and easy to follow. High school students should be able to do the projects with minimal supervision. Middle school students may need a bit more assistance.

Parental supervision is always recommended. Especially with chemical reactions and when working with fire.

Periodic Table of Elements Lesson

The first Chemistry lesson is about the Periodic Table of Elements.

This isn’t some superficial lesson. This goes into great depth teaching about the history of the Periodic Table of Elements plus how and why it is laid out the way it is. Students learn about reactivity, atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons, atomic mass, equations, Lewis Dot Structures and so much more.

Plus you get to set stuff on fire! So many cool colours!

I felt like I was back in University as all my Chem lessons came back to me. Which brings up another point… This program would have been a fantastic supplement for me when I was learning Chemistry in High School. Almost like an extra tutoring session.

The instructions for the lab were very easy to follow and the lessons flowed seamlessly as we moved from video, to doing our own experiments, then back for more reading or videos. Overall providing a very comprehension presentation, that gave one of the best lessons I have ever seen on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Creation Crate Chemistry Review

Overall I am really impressed with Creation Crate Chemistry. It provides exceptional tool for teaching middle school and high school level Chemistry lessons. The lessons are very thorough and build a firm foundation of knowledge for students. Something that is critical for more advanced study in the sciences.

Creation Crate Chemistry comes highly recommended, especially for homeschoolers looking for high quality science education and chemistry labs, or students in school looking for some extra science study.

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A Periodic Table of Elements Game

One of our most popular creations here at STEAM Powered Family is our Periodic Table of Elements BINGO game. This is a wonderful supplement to the Creation Crate program and a way to work on learning all the elements in a fun and interactive way.

A periodic table of elements bingo game is laid out in midplay with some tokens in place. Overlay text says Periodic Table of Elements BINGO Game

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