Colorful Candy Science Experiments

It’s that time of year, candy is everywhere! Which makes it the perfect time for a little candy science. Kids love these activities. They are bright, colorful, easy and the results sure to impress. Plus you get to enjoy a few sweets while doing science, and that’s always a good thing.

Candy Science Experiments

With the big focus on candy at this time of year, it was an easy decision to chose candy science as my focus this week. I chose an activity that is easy, fun, colorful and it smells amazing! Check it out. It’s a fantastic way to start experimenting with candy science for all ages.

Once you are finished with those experiments you can check out these candy science activities.

Building on the concepts introduced through the activities at 123 Homeschool 4 Me, we built a gorgeous density layers project we called Lollipop Layers.

Layered Lollipops uses candy in a beautiful candy stem challengeA great way to incorporate history and science is through our Gummy Mummies experiment were we explore desiccation and mummification.

Lego Gummy Mummies are a unique experiment exploring desiccation. An excellent activity linking science and ancient historical cultures like the Egyptians.Why not try your hand at making some of your own candies? With our simple gummy recipe you can make yummy treats that are sure to be a hit, while also learning about polymers.

Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Handmade Gummy Candies


Science with water balloons is a fantastic hands-on learning activity for curious kids. Learn about liquid density then SPLAT!

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