Caves and Cannons

Do you want to build a music box that plays your own specially created tunes? Or how about an ancient cannon that shoots cannon balls at target? It’s all possible and actually incredibly easy with the right science kits. We’ve discovered a science subscription program that provides high quality materials and lessons that blew us out of the water!


Build a Cannon and a Music Box with MEL Kids

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Disclaimer: MEL Kids provided the products featured in this article. All thoughts and opinions are my honest and truthful impressions.

When it comes to hands on learning, we love a high quality kit that gives us all the supplies, and fun lessons in one place. It takes the pressure off of me to constantly source and prepare lessons. Plus we get to tackle some incredible projects we could never do on our own.

I am not afraid to create our own projects. We do it all the time. But frankly, sometimes there are certain projects that are just too much to do on my own. There are some serious benefits to a well constructed and built science kit.

And MEL Kids has nailed it with their Science Kits for 5 to 10 year olds.

Some of the things we loved!

  • It saves time. My time, and that has so much value! I loved having such a complete package to teach with for the day.
  • It includes detailed, easy to follow, instructions that are wordless so even struggling readers can build and learn with confidence.
  • Lessons for the kids are included in a very approachable and fun presentation.
  • The materials are incredibly high quality and durable, especially for little hands still learning how to assemble and build.
  • There is an illustrated story included. We love including literacy with our lessons and the pictures are adorable.
  • Virtual features can be accessed through their app.
  • It was stress free and so much fun… for everyone!

MEL Kids Science Kits

MEL Science sent me two kits from their MEL Kids line to build: Cave Music and Ancient Cannon. I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I knew I was excited to agree after trying their MEL Science program for older kids.

Build A Music Box

The first one we tackled was Cave Sound which explores the science of sound. For this project we built a music box.

Build a Music Box

Immediately I was impressed by the fact that we were working with wood pieces that had been precision cut to fit perfectly together. It was great with young hands and fingers that are still learning to assemble and built.

There was one exception to this. The tabs we had to insert into the board to create our song were so fussy! We had so many bend and peel up. My son finally gave up and made me insert all the pieces. It was hard. Glasses off, tongue stinking out, hard! But I did it!

And it was totally worth it!

In fact, we went back and added more tabs to create our own song!

Check out the video in your sidebar to hear it in action!

It was so much fun to play and my son loved learning about sound with this project.

He really enjoyed reading the story, which built his confidence, so when he got to the lessons at the back, he happily kept reading and teaching me!

Build a Cannon

Lately I was thinking of doing a catapult project with the kids. My kids love building anything that launches stuff, like our Craft Stick Launchers. So when I saw a Cannon project I KNEW this was going to be HIT!

Build a Cannon with MEL Kids

Once again the materials were very high quality, laser cut wood pieces. My son was able to follow all the directions by himself and only needed help a couple of times with a few pieces that fit very snugly together.

Soon he had his Cannon built! Much to his delight, and the delight of our two cats, Potter and Weasley.

Want to see our Cannon in action and cute cats? Check out the video in your sidebar to see them in action!

The project includes a tower that you need to try and launch your ping pong balls into. This involves changing the angle and distance of your cannon. A really convenient angle sticker is included.

Which Science Project Wins?

Both projects were a lot of fun, but in the end the Ancient Cannon project was a big winner for everyone, including the cats! My kids really enjoyed building that one and playing with it for days after it was built.

I liked that they learned some building skills, plus some physics and math.

The cats, well, they just thought those launching ping pong balls were the best toy ever!

We enjoyed the Cave Sound project and the wow factor at the end as we played our music was really amazing! It was just a bit more finicky to build and the kids didn’t play with it for as long as the Cannon. But that is likely a reflection of my kids and their interests. Musically inclined kids would LOVE the music box and probably spend hours creating new songs.

In the end, both projects were really amazing and surprised me with their incredibly high quality materials, lessons and stories. We highly recommend MEL Kids Science Kits. It’s a subscription program that delivers one of these kits to your door every month.

Learn more about MEL Kids here.

Build a Cannon and a Music Box with easy and fun MEL Kids Science Kits

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