STEAM Kids – 50+ STEAM Activities That Will Inspire And Wow!

It’s finally here! STEAM Kids is the book you have been asking for.

I know many of you are educators and parents and one of your biggest struggles I’ve heard over and over again is that you need inspiration for STEAM projects. We all love STEM, but as members of the STEAM Powered Family you understand the importance of incorporating some arts into your STEM activities. Well here it is! The resource that will give you all the inspiration you need, plus step-by-step instructions for STEAM activities that will inspire and WOW your kids – STEAM Kids!

STEAM Kids - 50+ STEAM activities that will inspire and wow kids

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If you are new to STEAM – WELCOME! We are all about STEAM here at the STEAM Powered Family. STEAM is building on STEM by incorporating art into our STEM work. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. With STEAM the goal is to create inspired, hands-on, productive learning opportunities that develop collaborative, creative, and critical thinking skills.

This can sound intimidating for those new to STEAM but we’ve got you covered. This new book is exactly what you need to launch your STEAM learning journey!

52 STEAM activities

STEAM Kids is an amazing project speared headed by Anne over at Left Brain Craft Brain, an MIT Engineer. She brought together 10 other dedicated STEAM enthusiasts (including me!) to compile some of our favourite STEAM activities. The activities are focused around 5 themes: Build, Color, Play, Sense and Grow and are geared towards children 4 to 10 years old.

Check out the STEAM Kids table of contents!

STEAM Kids Table of Contents

Our goal was to provide a broad base of inspiration and instruction, so there would be something for everyone. To be as inclusive as possible, each activity also comes with extensions so you can find further inspiration and keep those curious kids engaged and learning.

Who are the authors? Great question!

We are a team of dedicated STEAM enthusiasts, makers, creators, educators and parents who all know what it means to struggle to find inspired teaching. Our hope is that this book will provide our readers with that inspiration, and the instructions you need to make your projects a success.

Ana Dziengel (Babble Dabble Do)  ||  Amber Scardino (Wee Warhols)
Chelsey Marashian (Buggy and Buddy)  ||  Dayna Abraham (Lemon Lime Adventures)
Erica Clark (What Do We Do All Day?)  ||  Jamie Hand (Handmade Kids Art)
Karyn Tripp (Teach Beside Me)  ||  Leslie Manlapig (Pink Stripey Socks)
Malia Hallowell (Playdough to Plato)  ||  Anne Carey (Left Brain Craft Brain)

Plus of course… ME! I’m writing under my pen name, PR (Piper) Newton.

Meet the authors STEAM Kids

STEAM Kids is a HIT!

It just released today, but the word got out early and as of yesterday we were already ranked #1 on Amazon in hot new releases for Children’s Science Experiment Books, plus the 5 star reviews are rolling in!

Check out what Rachelle Doorley of Tinkerlab had to say about the book:

“STEAM Kids is a goldmine of inspiration for parents and educators who are hard-pressed for ideas that straddle the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. And what fun these projects are! Homemade periscopes, candy mazes, bottle rockets, coding games, tinkering walls. If you’re an after school teacher, classroom educator, homeschooler, or curious parent, this well organized, beautifully photographed book will delight and inspire you and your kids to create, invent, and tinker.” 

~ Rachelle Doorley author of Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors and founder of

Want a sneak peek into all the fun waiting for you in STEAM Kids? Check out this promo video while you are waiting for your files to download.

Happy STEAMing!

Check out one of the activities I created specifically for this book, Pool Noodle Periscope

The pool noodle periscope is a fantastic engineering build project that explores the sense of sight. This is one of over 50 projects featured in STEAM Kids.


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