Fill up that new Kindle with books your 9 to 12 year old will love!

Fill Up That New Kindle – Kindle books 9 to 12 year olds love!

Are you giving a Kindle eReader to your child? Load it up with some amazing titles to help them get started right away! I highly recommend a Kindle for young readers. They are easier to transport, the books are often cheaper, plus you can tag, comment, reference and search books quickly and easily. My son loves his Kindle Paperwhite and here are our recommendations for Kindle books 9 to 12 year olds LOVE!

Fill up that new Kindle with books your 9 to 12 year old will love!

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Harry Potter – The Complete Collection – For those of us that are old enough to have read the Harry Potter books as they were released, we all lived through the weight lifting program that became the reading process of the later Harry Potter books. Those books were MAMMOTH! One of the first series Jackson read on the Kindle was the Harry Potter series and it was so much nicer. A definite must buy for the eReader.




Percy Jackson Books 1-3 – This series is such a great read and we love the ties into ancient mythology. One great perk of reading this series on the Kindle is that you can tag and search sections for different references. This is really helpful when my boys start asking questions about something that happened earlier in the book. With a few clicks I can find the section!



The Beef Jerky Gang – I discovered this book through an author forum that we are both members of and I grabbed this book for my son to support a fellow author, never really thinking it would become a favourite of my son’s! He is constantly asking when another Beef Jerky Gang book is coming out. So Daniel Kenney, if you read this, we need more BJG! Plus, last I checked it’s only 99cents!




Sherlock Academy – Who doesn’t love a great “whodunit”? With a little Harry Potter, a little Sherlock Holmes and a whole lot of fun thrown in, this new series is a great read that will keep kids puzzling through the clues.





Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja Series – My boys want to be ninjas! It’s a constant refrain around our house and they are forever jumping around, dangling from railings and generally giving me minor heart attacks. Thankfully, Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja gets them sitting still and reading about ninjas for a bit so I can rest! Plus with 10 books in the series, this one should keep them in books for at least a few days!



Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Don’t miss out on the latest installment in this series. My son anticipates the new DOAWK book every year! Along a similar vein, Big Nate is a series my son just adores and reads over and over and over again!




Hunger Games Series – A great series with a huge following. Great for the higher end of the age range. With the popularity of the movies, it’s always a great way to encourage reading.





The Inheritance Cycle Complete Collection by Christopher Paolini – I LOVE this series. I love it even more knowing that it was written by a teenager who followed his passion for story writing and with this help of his family created this series that has captured the imaginations of so many readers. A fantastic read.



The Tindou Tablet – OK, so we are a little biased here, since I’m the author of this one (with the help of my son, Jackson), but my boys love this book and have read it so many times! There has been lots of talk about us working together on a sequel. If you do grab this one, we would LOVE to hear from you! Seriously, my Jackson would LOVE to chat about the book with some other kids. So if you want to give your kids a great book and the chance to connect with the authors, give this one a go! And who doesn’t love a little dinosaur and space travel action?



There are so many amazing Kindle books for this age range, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. Did I miss your favourites? If I did, leave me a comment, we are always looking for great new books to read! For more ideas on what to give a young advanced reader, check out my suggestions here.

Fill up that new Kindle with books your 9 to 12 year old will love!


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