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It’s here! The team has been working so hard on our latest installment in the bestselling STEAM Kids series – STEAM Kids in the Kitchen! Kids love experimenting and learning in the kitchen and with the activities in this book you will have tons of projects to keep them busy!

Grab STEAM Kids in the Kitchen the digital copy here or you can get the paperback on Amazon

STEAM Kids in the Kitchen picture of the book on a plate on a kitchen table.

Did you know over 1.4 Million STEAM Kids projects have sold globally? The team at STEAM Kids set out to inspire a new generation of makers, creators, engineers and scientists but never in our wildest dreams did we imagine how successful these books would be. We love hearing stories about kids that found a new passion after doing an experiment, or a teacher who found an innovative way to teach a child from one of our books.

That’s what makes this new book so exciting for our team!

We went back to the basics. Something many of us do every day. Spent time in the kitchen. The kitchen is like the original science lab and we know kids LOVE learning in the kitchen.

Check out the new release: STEAM Kids in the Kitchen now!

STEAM Kids In The Kitchen

Grab your digital copy here or you can get the paperback on Amazon.

A sneak peek inside STEAM Kids In The Kitchen showing color changing lemonade and strawberry DNA science experiments

Our Favourite Simple Science Experiments In The Kitchen

If you have spent any time here at STEAM Powered Family you know we love experimenting in the kitchen! I’ve rounded up some of our favourite experiments for you to check out while you consider grabbing the new book. Some of these are in the book too!

Simple Chemistry Discoveries – We did this experiment a few years ago and it was fun to just let the kids explore and play as they tried to identify all the various items, most of which came from the kitchen.  It also doubles as a great sensory activity for younger kids.

Dino Eggs Hatching – This one is a hit with any age, but we started when the kids were in preschool. It is your traditional baking soda and vinegar reaction but with a magical surprise inside… a little dinosaur!

Marshmallow Science – Learning about marshmallows is so much fun and there are a lot of very simple science activities that can be done with marshmallows. Check out our study that covers everything from engineering, to art, to how to make your own marshmallows!

Make Plastic From Milk – This is always a huge hit every time we do it. The results are amazing and it it cool to create something the way it used to be done.

Edible Playdough – Part of the allure of kitchen science is creating something that you can eat, especially when it is something you normally wouldn’t eat, like playdough.

Exploring pH Levels – Just because an experiment is simple, doesn’t mean the concepts are for little kids. Some of the chemistry and science lessons learned in the kitchen are quite advanced. After learning about pH with this activity we ended up creating a new study that involved some awesomely messy kitchen science learning.

Some Not Quite So Simple Experiments

Candy Science – This ranks as one of the best unit studies we have ever done. I am so thankful we did it before I started on Keto, because the best part was always sampling our creations! The study focuses on how the crystallization of sugars can result in completely different types of candies with different textures. Although not the most simple of experiments, some of the activities were definitely easier than others. You can pick and choose which candy creations work best for your comfort level and have fun learning chemistry with candy. If you are looking for more simple science to get you started into candy making, I recommend checking out Lava Toffee or Making Fudge!

Potato Battery – Now this was not the most simple of science experiments. It was definitely designed for older kids, but in the new STEAM Kids book you can learn a more simple fruit battery making technique. An excellent way to start learning about circuits!

Over 70 Activities in STEAM Kids in The Kitchen

The best part about the new STEAM Kids in the Kitchen book is that it is packed with some of the simple science ideas above, plus so much more! There over 70 activities in the new book. That makes it even bigger than the original STEAM Kids book!

Just look at some of these activities!

Over 70 STEAM Kitchen activities and recipes for kids

Grab your digital copy here or you can get the paperback on Amazon

A new book in the wildly successful STEAM Kids book series, STEAM Kids in the Kitchen is packed with over 70 activities