STEAM Your Way Into The Holidays With STEAM Kids Christmas!

STEAM Kids hit the bestseller lists shortly after launch back in September and now two months later it is still a No. 1 bestseller in the Engineering category on Amazon and top 10 in projects and experiments. That is amazing and all thanks to your support. In fact, you loved STEAM Kids so much, we heard your demands for a second edition, and here it is!

STEAM Kids Christmas is here!

STEAM Kids Christmas

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STEAM Kids Christmas is the same look, feel and quality that you loved so much from STEAM Kids, but this time the activities are all about celebrating the holidays. Who doesn’t love a little Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math during the holiday season?

From circuits to engineering challenges to illusions that will boggle the mind, this book is packed with STEAM activities to keep your little ones learning, making and growing over the holidays. There is even a super cool math cookie challenge!

Take a look inside. These activities are fantastic hands-on learning opportunities for your elementary aged children. Even little ones will love doing many of the activities with a little adult support.

Christmas STEAM Kids

The holidays are busy and you don’t have time to come up with lots of projects and activities to keep kids engaged. Or perhaps you are tired of doing the same projects year after year. We totally get that! That’s why we created this book. We take all the stress out of your STEAM holiday planning and put everything into colorful, step-by-step instructions that make holiday STEAM projects easy and fun for everyone, including you.


This book features the same team that brought you all the unique, fun activities you loved in STEAM Kids. Check out all the amazing names! It’s a treasure trove of brilliant minds when it comes to kids STEAM learning.


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STEAM Kids Christmas Book