Learning with Lego – Unlocking the fun!

We love learning with Lego! It’s no secret how much we love Lego around here. We use Lego for entertainment, therapy, home decor, education, and of course, fun! My two boys are so different when it comes to Lego. My youngest wants instructions and to follow them step by step. My oldest loves a bit of inspiration, then he’s off, powered by his own imagination. Lego is one of the greatest toys you can give a child. It unlocks so many opportunities. It’s time to start Learning with Lego!

We love learning with Lego! It's no secret how much we love Lego around here. We use Lego for entertainment, therapy, home decor, education, and of course, fun!Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links

Are you looking for your Lego inspiration? Here are a few of our favourite Lego activities.

Lego Wall  – This fantastic upcycle activity is the perfect addition to a homeschool room, classroom, bedroom or your home. It’s colorful, functional and so much fun!

How To Unlock Imaginations with a Quick and Easy Lego Wall Hack. Perfect for the home or classroomLego Car Art – This activity is a wonderful opportunity to do some core work on a vertical surface. Plus, the resulting artwork is beautiful!

Lego Car Art - A STEM STEAM activity that also incorporates vertical surface work www.STEAMPoweredFamily.comWind Powered STEM Challenge ~ Mission Lego Rescue – The impact of this activity is still being felt by my oldest months later. The story of William and how he built a windmill for his village inspired my son deeply. The build we did with the book was a fantastic way to really deepen the lessons learned.

Wind Power STEM Challenge - Mission: Lego Rescue. A fantastic STEM challenge that encourages the creation of mechanical energy with a tinker box windmill to "rescue" a minifig.Build A Lego Family Keepsake – Learning about ourselves and finding ways to represent what is special and unique about ourselves and those we love is a wonderful bonding activity. We built our Lego Family Keepsake as a memorable gift for a family member. It is a very special and treasured piece that the boys still talk about.

Lego Family Keepsake - A wonderful project that will help children explore what makes each of their family members special. Makes a great gift for loved ones.

Overcoming Dysgraphia Struggles With Lego – Dysgraphia is a condition that makes it difficult to write, but that doesn’t mean these children can’t learn, we simply need to get creative in how they demonstrate their knowledge. So instead of writing reports, we sometimes use Lego.

Working Around Dysgraphia With Lego. A fun way of demonstrating knowledge about Ancient Egypt with Lego. Wait until you see the inside!Lego Gummy Mummies ~ Part History, Part Science – What makes learning even more fun than Lego? What about when candy is involved too? We made some jumbo sized minifig gummies and had so much fun exploring history and science with this activity.

Lego Gummy Mummies are a unique experiment exploring desiccation. An excellent activity linking science and ancient historical cultures like the Egyptians.

Exploring Polyomino Puzzles With Lego – Math can be hard. Math can be boring. Math can be confusing. Math can also be fun. Math can also be hands on. Math can also be interesting. Taking a math concept that was causing my son a great deal of struggle, polyomino puzzles, we used Lego to help inspire understanding.

Polyomino Puzzles And Math Made Fun And Easy With LegoHomemade Lego Crayons – This is a fantastic way to use up old crayons and give them new life. Homemade crayons make a fantastic gift for parties or end of year parties.

Make Your Own Lego CrayonsMaking Legoland Awesome With Special Needs Kids – Legoland is an amazing place, but it can be a challenge for children with sensory needs, autism, trauma history and other challenges. Here are our tips for making a trip to Legoland awesome for kids with special needs.

Legoland and sensory processing disorder

Want still more Learning with Lego ideas?

Check out this amazing resource. Learning with Lego is awesome for both kids that like step by step instructions, and for those that want just a little inspiration.

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